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Finally, I created my blog… And being the type of person who analyses everything (literally and it is exhausting, believe me), I tried to know the real reasons that pushed me finally beyond the walls of procrastination and self doubt. So I asked the question and decided to listen to the answers of my inner voice or should I say “inner voices”

But the answers came in form of questions (as if I need anymore of those)

  • Was it peer pressure? At this age I highly doubt it but then if it is positive, why not?
  • Was it guilt? The untold story, the half lived life and the shame of not doing!!
  • Was it desire? Bucket list, unicorns and rainbows style!
  • Was it fear? The fear of leaving before arriving, and sleeping before waking up, a mid life crisis in mundane terms.
  • Was it about time?  Because it had to be, it was.

Without having the real answers I chose to put this dilemma behind me and to jump.Just do it,  screamed an echoing voice, so I did. Life is about choices every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Now I see two:

Choice 1: keep this post as draft, and the blog pending & empty. A space that could have been.

Choice 2: just throw it out there, let it be. And as we say in my country, what is the worst that could happen? Know your fears, and you will vinquish them.

So here It is, unedited, simple and raw.

And here I am.

The choice is yours now 🍀

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